Desk Screen Modesty Panel Wave

Our Desk Screen Modesty Panel Wave helps to absorb sound and create a sense of privacy with an elegant wave inspired design. The wave pattern is double sided and comes with desk clamps for a softer finish.

Pair the Desk Screen Modesty Panel Wave with our acoustic Wave wall panels for an integrated look with all the benefits of reduced noise and distractions in the workplace.


  • A range of different sizes and colours to fit your workplace design
  • Easily mounts to your desk for simple installation
  • Sound absorption to reduce noisy distractions

Download our Acoustic Spec Sheet here

Product Code: ASMWAVE0612, ASMWAVE0615, ASMWAVE0618

Screen Size (mm)Thickness of Screen (mm)ColourProduct Code
600 x 120018Blackish Blue, Dark Grey, Light GreyASMWAVE0612
600 x 150018Blackish Blue, Dark Grey, Light GreyASMWAVE0615
600 x 180018Blackish Blue, Dark Grey, Light GreyASMWAVE0618


Keywords: Wave, Privacy, Desk Screen, Acoustic

Additional information


100% polyester fibre with no less than 70% recycled content. Boyd Acoustic Panels are a solid colour with no pattern repeat. Panels do have a slight directional grain. Colour can vary from samples and by batch due to the nature of the production process.


15 working days for dispatch of manufactured goods