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We design, source and supply innovative
workspace products to enable
productive, enjoyable workdays.

Improving focus and productivity

We are a New Zealand owned business, intent on helping our end-users to have better, more productive days at work. We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with and can help you find and customise the perfect products to suit your unique workspace.

Premium writing

Our porcelain whiteboards are unparalleled in performance, aesthetics and longevity. The range has been designed to accommodate all workplace needs and style preferences. They can also be customised to suit your workspace!


As Kiwi workplaces take a more agile approach and move into open plan spaces, we understand that the needs for noise reduction are increasing. Our range of noise reduction treatments change the game in reducing distractions and increasing productivity.


Make your meetings as productive as possible with excellent display options and acoustics.

Your office

We offer a large range of products that can form a total solution for making the most of your office space.


Our mobile display boards take the drama out of shifting between meeting rooms or presentation spaces.


Our range of screens and partitions allows you to easily create a private workspace even in a bustling environment.

Display your

Wherever you need to communicate a message, we can provide a display solution that best showcases your brand and performs well.

New Colours

We have introduced two new acoustic colours to the range – Linen and Sage.

The colour linen is a soft neutral shade that resembles the natural, undyed fibers of
linen fabric. It typically falls between a light beige and off-white, exuding a warm,
creamy tone. Linen is versatile and understated, making it a popular choice for
creating a calm, sophisticated workspace design.

The colour sage is a muted, soft green with grey undertones, evoking the calming and earthy hues of a sage plant’s leaves. It is a tranquil colour, often associated with
nature, balance and serenity. Sage will complement a wide range of colours, from
neutrals to more vibrant shades, adding a touch of elegance and harmony to any

View acoustic colours

We create workspace solutions

Our products

We do not compromise on quality; we choose the best raw materials and hold ourselves to the highest standard of craftsmanship and design.

Successful projects

We consult and collaborate on custom projects for unique workspaces,
aimed at delivering a total solution that facilitates the best working
environment possible.

How can we improve your workspace?

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