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Customisable GlassBoards

Clean lines and concealed wall fixings make our standard magnetic GlassBoards a great option for offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

They are made from 4mm tempered safety glass. The beautifully smooth surface allows you to wipe away any WhiteBoard or fluro marker easily without ever staining or ghosting. Take that step and introduce GlassBoards by Boyd into your space!

Forever Surface Guarantee

Super Clear 4mm Safety Glass

Rectangle or Round Shape

Custom Options

If our standard products don’t suit your customer’s requirements, we can customize non-magnetic Glassboards in a wide range of colours and sizes. The colour of the glass can match, or contrast, with your walls or be clear to let the wall colour show through. They can be made in 20 standard colours or we can match any Resene colour for a small additional cost.

GlassBoards can also have almost any image, logo or copy adhered to them, enabling them to be used for planning, forecasting, staffing, farming, flowcharting etc. Custom GlassBoards are an innovative way to make that dull WhiteBoard an exciting feature point in your home or office and withstand many years of frequent use, while still looking great.


Our GlassBoard surfaces are made of super clear tempered 4mm safety glass.


Directly adhered to your wall using the drilling template and screws provided. These boards can be installed by yourself.

Sizing Options

The panels can be custom manufactured to almost any rectangle or round shaped size (maximum 2 square metres) and can be hung as either Portrait or Landscape.


GlassBoards are one of the best things you can do for your office and our planet. Relative to other materials, glass is chemically inert / non-reactive. This means a reduced environmental impact.

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