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Noise Reduction Solutions

The rise in popularity of open plan workplaces has brought with it the challenge of noise reduction. Noise heavily impacts productivity and adds an element of distress to the workplace.

We have developed a range of acoustic treatments that have maximum effect on reducing noise disturbance and that also add style to your workspace!

Our products absorb sound energy without being visually intrusive and are also available in a large selection of colours and prints to work even better with your office décor.

Regardless of your acoustic obstacles, we have a solution to suit your space.

A cut above the rest.

Introducing the new Milford collection, a unique range of acoustic products inspired by the peace and tranquillity of New Zealand’s iconic Milford Sounds.

Subdue the office noise and create an environment that brings greater focus and ease. From acoustic partitions to desk screens that simply make work better, transform your workspace and be inspired by the tranquillity of nature and our new Milford range.

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