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Ultra-Thin Frame Whiteboards

This Whiteboard features a modern slim-line frame, turning that ordinary Whiteboard into a standout piece for any space.

It comes with concealed wall fixings to add to that modern and seamless look. It has a Forever Surface Guarantee and a magnetic surface. The frame is available in black, white or aluminium. It is secure and very easy to install.

Forever Surface Guarantee

Modern Slimline Frame

Available in Black, White and Aluminium

Ultra-Thin Frame Whiteboard

Custom Options

We can create your Ultra-Thin Frame Whiteboards in non-standard sizes which are available from us in 10 working days. Please note that these custom boards are made in a black frame and landscape only. They come with a Forever Surface Guarantee as well.


Our Whiteboard surfaces consist of a steel core covered on both sides with thin enamel coatings. The ceramic finish is fused to the steel at a very high temperature allowing us to offer a lifetime surface guarantee.


Directly adhered to your wall using the concealed wall fixings included in the box.

Sizing Options

Ultra-Thin Frame WhiteBoards are made to the sizes below or can be custom made to the size you require. They are available in either Clarity Porcelain or Projection Porcelain surface.

DSUT0609: 600 x 900mm
DSUT0912: 900 x 1200mm
DSUT1215: 1200 x 1500mm


Our WhiteBoard surfaces are enamel fused to cold-rolled enamelling-grade steel.
In all coatings the total amount of heavy metals cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and lead is less than 0.1%. No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and is 99% recyclable. The WhiteBoard surface has a Fire rating of A1.

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