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Acoustic Colours

Boyd Acoustic Colour Palette

The colour palette for acoustic products plays a crucial role in merging functionality with aesthetics to enhance both the visual appeal and performance of workspaces. Acoustic solutions are essential for managing sound in an environment, reducing noise and enhancing productivity.  However, their visual impact is equally significant, contributing to the overall design and atmosphere of the workspace.

An acoustic colour palette can complement interior design schemes, reinforce brand identities and influence the mood and perception of a space. Colours evoke emotions and reactions, making the selection process vital for achieving the desired ambience.

Whether in a corporate office, educational setting or open plan workspace, selecting the appropriate colour for your acoustic products can transform the environment and enhance the user experience.

We currently have 22 colours in stock, with an additional 73 colours available on an eight week lead time.   

We have introduced two new acoustic colours to the range

Linen and Sage


The colour linen is a soft neutral shade that resembles the natural, undyed fibers of linen fabric.  It typically falls between a light beige and off-white, exuding a warm, creamy tone.  Linen is versatile and understated, making it a popular choice for creating a calm, sophisticated workspace design.


The colour sage is a muted, soft green with grey undertones, evoking the calming and earthy hues of a sage plant’s leaves. It is a tranquil colour, often associated with nature, balance and serenity.  Sage will complement a wide range of colours, from neutrals to more vibrant shades, adding a touch of elegance and harmony to any workspace.

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