Our Environmental Commitment

Boyd is committed to being an environmentally responsible business and making sustainable choices.

From selecting product materials to shipping, to product end life we are always asking ourselves “how we can do better for our planet?”

Recyclable wall-mounted whiteboards

We don’t want our whiteboards ending up in a landfill, so we are committed to preventing waste and we ask our customers to support us on this mission.

When you are finished with a whiteboard, instead of throwing it away send it back to us and we will recycle it for you. Our team will break down the boards and make sure all components are recycled.

This program is free for Boyd wall-hanging whiteboards.

Trees that Count

We are supporting this fantastic conservation charity and their cause to plant more native trees in New Zealand and remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Their mission is to plant 200 million native trees across the country, and we want to help!

To mitigate our carbon footprint each year we will fund the planting of 500 trees!

Check out our story on their website!

Products made from recycled materials

• Products in our Acoustic range are made from 60% min recycled PET. Plastic from PET drink bottles is broken down and then fluffed, stretched, weaved, needled, heated and cut to make our panels.

• Our Sustainable Deflecto products are also made from 60% min recycled plastics with plans to launch more products in this range

• The Boyd Environmental Committee has implemented a compost project to break down our organic food scraps to reuse as fertiliser. Each kitchen has a compost bin we all take turns to empty.

To see big change it can often require small sustainable steps so the change lasts. We are a responsible and innovative business dedicated to making a difference. We will continue to develop new ways to make lasting change.