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Your office is the space where most of your work is done, and also where you spend a huge portion of your week – you deserve a space that facilitates efficiency and wellbeing, and ultimately is somewhere you actually enjoy spending time in!

The ideal office space has an acoustic treatment ensuring you can work without distractions and certain degree of privacy. Some people also benefit from organising their thoughts using mounted or desktop whiteboards or pinboards. We offer a large range of products that can form a total solution for making the most of your office space.

At Boyd we understand that every individual not only goes about their workday and workspace differently, but also has different style preferences. We have ensured our range includes products to suit many preferences, and we also offer several custom options.


Products for offices

A cut above the rest.

Introducing the new Milford collection, a unique range of acoustic products inspired by the peace and tranquillity of New Zealand’s iconic Milford Sounds.

Subdue the office noise and create an environment that brings greater focus and ease. From acoustic partitions to desk screens that simply make work better, transform your workspace and be inspired by the tranquillity of nature and our new Milford range.

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