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How do you want to communicate your message or organise your workflow?

We have curated an extensive range of presentation products, whiteboards and glass partitions to suit a variety of style preferences for work, education and home spaces, and to suit a range of budgets.

Our Designer Series features premium choices such as the Clarity Superior Porcelain Whiteboards; these high-quality boards come with our Forever Surface Guarantee to withstand everyday use while erasing as clean as new, every time.

Our entire range of both premium and cost-effective options have all been chosen with ease of use and installation in mind, and with an emphasis on aesthetics. Functionality meets design with the Boyd Visuals presentation range!

Peruse our selection of porcelain whiteboards, mobile whiteboards, glassboards and Flipcharts to decide what products are best for your space.



We pride ourselves on our high calibre range of display products.

Wherever you need to communicate a message, we can provide a display solution that best showcases your brand and performs well.

Our Deflecto products are recognised internationally for their style, quality and durability.
We offer Deflecto brochure holders and sign holders in a convenient variety of sizes and placements; your display needs are covered whether you need a small floor stand, a large wall mount or a snappy point of purchase message.

Regardless of the size or shape of your message, we have a solution that works for you, or we can create one! Browse our large range of holders, premium A frames, cable displays and snap frames, or get in touch to learn more.



Open plan offices and the use of collaborative working spaces has become a popular and space-efficient way to work in New Zealand. The unfortunate downside of these spaces is the increased noise, which at times can be distracting.

Our acoustic solutions comprise a thoughtfully designed range of products for improving workplace productivity and removing loud distractions. We aim to facilitate an environment that allows your staff to be as comfortable and focused as possible!

We offer a selection of effective acoustic treatments such as desk screens, ceiling lattices and floating acoustic panels. All are available in a range of colours, designs and custom prints to complement your workplace aesthetics.
The Boyd Visuals Acoustic Panels are our most popular option for managing sound reverberation in workspaces. They are made from a minimum of 60% recycled PET and can be custom cut to suit a variety of interior spaces and designs.

If you are facing particular challenges with workplace noise, we offer acoustic consultation services. We work alongside you to design a space that minimises reverberations, improves sound quality and ultimately betters your working atmosphere!

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At Boyd Visuals, we aim to provide a high-quality, stylish and functional workplace furniture range.

Our desk partitions and freestanding partitions facilitate much-needed private spaces for staff while seamlessly fitting into the overall design of your workplace.

The Boyd Visuals furniture products are robust, aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and easy to install!


Audio & Visual

Whether you are looking for a premium technical solution for your meeting room, boardroom, classroom or conference facility, our audio and visual range has low maintenance, high efficiency tech offerings to meet your needs.

We offer an excellent range of projectors, and our projection screens are available with manual or electric pull-down options. Our extensive experience in AV tech has ensured that our selection of digital screens and digital copy boards does not compromise on cost or quality.

If you are looking to customise your desk setup, we provide flexible monitor arm accessories made with premium components.

Adding technology to your space should make your life easier, rather than adding a confusing array of buttons and functions that don’t make sense! We prioritise AV products that are functional, lightweight, long-lasting and easy to use.


How can we improve your workspace?

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