Acoustic Pinboards

Practical and functional our Acoustic Pinboards come in custom sizes and shapes allowing you to create a Pinboard that suits your space.

These boards have clean lines, no frame and the added benefit of reducing noise reverberation.

Perfect to pin your important notes to.


  • A range of sizes to suit your space
  • 3 Corner options available – Square, Radius or Bevel edge
  • Sound absorption to help minimise distractions

Download our Acoustic Spec Sheet here

Product Code: AN120609, AN120909, AN120912, AN121212, AN121215, AN121218, AN121224

Board Size (mm)ColourThicknessCode
600 x 900Full Colour Range12mmAN120609
900 x 900Full Colour Range12mmAN120909
900 x 1200Full Colour Range12mmAN120912
1200 x 1200Full Colour Range12mmAN121212
1200 x 1500Full Colour Range12mmAN121215
1200 x 1800Full Colour Range12mmAN121218
1200 x 2400Full Colour Range12mmAN121224


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60% recycled polyester