Acoustic Pinboards

Practical and functional our Acoustic Pinboards come in custom sizes and shapes allowing you to create a Pinboard that suits your space.

These boards have clean lines, no frame and the added benefit of reducing noise reverberation.

Perfect to pin your important notes to.


  • A range of sizes to suit your space
  • 3 Corner options available – Square, Radius or Bevel edge
  • Sound absorption to help minimise distractions
  • Available in 12mm or 24mm thickness

Product Code: AN120609, AN120909, AN120912, AN121212, AN121215, AN121218, AN121224

Board Size (mm)Thickness of Board (mm)Product Code
600 x 90012AN120609
900 x 90012AN120909
900 x 120012AN120912
1200 x 120012AN121212
1200 x 150012AN121215
1200 x 180012AN121218
1200 x 240012AN121224
600 x 90024AN240609
900 x 90024AN240909
900 x 120024AN240912
1200 x 120024AN241212
1200 x 150024AN241215
1200 x 180024AN241218
1200 x 240024AN241224

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A cut above the rest.

Introducing the new Milford collection, a unique range of acoustic products inspired by the peace and tranquillity of New Zealand’s iconic Milford Sounds.

Subdue the office noise and create an environment that brings greater focus and ease. From acoustic partitions to desk screens that simply make work better, transform your workspace and be inspired by the tranquillity of nature and our new Milford range.

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Additional information


100% polyester fibre with no less than 70% recycled content. Boyd Acoustic Panels are a solid colour with no pattern repeat. Panels do have a slight directional grain. Colour can vary from samples and by batch due to the nature of the production process.


15 working days for dispatch of manufactured goods