Standard Pinboards

Pinboards are one of the easiest ways to display and communicate information. We have a selection of Pinboards that can be immediately dispatched, or we can custom make for you!


• Aluminium frame
• Concealed wall fixings included
• Available in 5 standard colours and 1 standard velcro colour


Standard sizes listed in the chart are available for immediate dispatch


• Choose your own fabric or select from our swatches
• Framed or frameless wrapped edge
• Custom manufactured sizes (click here for Custom Pinboards)
• Customer specified fabric (click here for Custom Pinboards)

Product Codes: NFB0609, NFB0909, NFB0912, NFB1212, NFB1215, NFB1218, NFG0609, NFG0909, NFG0912, NFG1212, NFG1215, NFG1218, NFN0609, NFN0912, NFN1215, NFN1218

Rapid Dispatch

Board SizeBlueGreyCorkBlack
1200 x 1800 NFB1218NFG1218NC1218NFN1218
1200 x 1500NFB1215NFG1215NC1215NFN1215
900 x 1200NFB0912NFG0912NC0912NFN0912
600 x 900NFB0609NFG0609NC0609NFN0609
900 x 900NFB0909NFG0909NC0909
1200 x 1200NFB1212NFG1212NC1212

Rapid Dispatch - Velcro

Board SizeGrey
600 x 900NVG0609
900 x 1200NVG0912


These framed Standard Pinboards are a perfect way to display and communicate information. They can be immediately dispatched. Available in 3 colours as well as cork. Custom pinboard options are also available.

Additional information

Custom Sizes Available


Fabric Pinboard

Available Frameless


Immediate Dispatch Subject to Availability