Free Standing Partitions

Our Freestanding Partitions have a new design, featuring panels with Acoustic properties.

The Blue and Charcoal panels are made from compressed polyester of which 60% minimum is recycled, to better absorb sound and enhance the acoustic and visual privacy in a workplace.

Placing a Freestanding Partition with an Acoustic panel close to a noise source will absorb sound energy and reduce noisy disruptions, ensuring people at work can focus better and reduce any stress or fatigue.

• Frosted, Charcoal, Blue and Whiteboard Partitions are designed to be simple, strong and effective
• Customise your space – the panels can be inter-connected very simply
• Each panel can swing through 360 degrees for ease of storage and creating that unique space
• The exclusive inter-locking system ensures the partitions are stable and robust
•  Supplied complete with feet & castors that rotate under the frame when not required
• Whiteboard panel has a Forever Surface Guarantee


Product Codes: FPP0912, FPP0915, FPP0918, FPG0912, FPG0915, FPG0918, FPB0912, FPB0915, FPB0918, FPW0918

Partition Size w x h (mm)BlueCharcoalFrostedWhiteboard
900 x 1200FPB0912FPG0912FPP0912
900 x 1500FPB0915FPG0915FPP0915
900 x 1800FPB0918FPG0918FPP0918FPW0918

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Light and stable. Pinnable and effective. These Freestanding Partitions can easily be linked using the clever integrated system. Blue and Charcoal Partitions are made with Acoustic panel to provide excellent acoustic performance.

No additional fittings required to attach one partition to another. Whiteboard Partition option available.

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Custom Sizes Available


Blue or Charcoal Fabric, Frosted Polycarbonate, Whiteboard


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