Desk Mounted Partitions

Our Desk Mount Partitions have a new design, featuring panels with Acoustic properties.

The Blue and Charcoal panels are made from compressed polyester of which 60% minimum is recycled, to better absorb sound and enhance the acoustic and visual privacy in a workplace.

Placing a Desk Partition with an Acoustic panel close to a noise source will absorb sound energy and reduce noisy disruptions, ensuring people at work can focus better and reduce any stress or fatigue.

Our Partitions are contemporary, effective and easy to use – no extra parts required and available for prompt delivery in 3 standard colours and 4 standard widths.


• Frosted, Charcoal or Blue Partitions are designed to be simple, strong and effective
• Panels can be connected to the desk very simply – everything required to install is supplied in one package

All desk top partitions come complete with desk clamp set.

Product Codes: DPP1200, DPP1500, DPP1800, DPG1200, DPG1500, DPG1800,DPB1200, DPB1500, DPB1800, DPCL45, DPCL90, DPSCREWS

Width (mm)Height (mm)FrostedCharcoalBlue


These desk mounted partitions are effective and easy to use. No extra parts are required. A great office & room divider. Available in 3 colours and 4 widths allowing for a set up to suit you.

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Custom Sizes Available


Blue or Charcoal Pinnable Fabric, Frosted Polycarbonate


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